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Who I can help

I am an experienced collegiate ministry leader. In addition to leading a college campus ministry of my own for 14 years, I provide strategies, insights, and encouragement to current and aspiring collegiate ministry leaders. Whether you’re a current college student with a desire to make a difference on your campus, or a full-time ministry leader, I’m glad that you are here and I would like to connect with you further. My aim is to help you lead with extraordinary effectiveness as you serve students and spread the good news of Jesus on your campus.

Why I write

I remember starting out in college ministry after I committed my life to Christ. Even something as basic as handing out flyers for our campus Bible study stretched my faith! Later, after I made the leap into full-time campus ministry, I felt freshly challenged all over again. Campus ministry is incredibly strategic, but it is also difficult.

In the twelve years since then, I’ve had some diverse experiences and served in numerous ministry roles and contexts: I’ve served at a large state state university, built a ministry at a Historically Black College (HBC), launched a new ministry at community college and I’m now in the process of developing a ministry to several university campuses in central Philadelphia.

I currently lead a college campus ministry reaching out to several Philadelphia-area colleges and universities in association with Freedom Church of Philadelphia and also serve as a regional leader within Every Nation Campus, the ministry that I serve with.

During my time in campus ministry I’ve learned some things — things that I want to share with you to help you to impact students on your campus for Jesus Christ.

My Family (December 2015)

My Family (December 2015)

With a Group of Students at Drexel University

My Son and I With a Group of Students at Drexel University

What I write about

The articles I share fall into several different categories all related to collegiate ministry.

  • Devotion
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Relationships
  • Apologetics

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How you can contact me

I’d love to hear your feedback and look forward to connecting with you. Communicating with me is best done through either commenting on blog posts, messaging me on Twitter, or via email, using the Contact Me form.


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